Who's Who - Introduction

We have 22 Town Councillors, elected by the people of Rhyl. There are nine wards served by either two or four councillors depending on the size and population of each. Elections are held every four years.

The town’s boundaries stretch from the blue bridge at Foryd Harbour in the West and southwards along the river Clwyd to the Clwyd Retail Park. We then head inland, excluding the Showfield, to include all houses on the Maes Y Gog estate on Dyserth Road and across the railway line as far as the eastern end of Rhyl golf course.

Every year, one Councillor is elected by the others to be Rhyl Town Mayor - the civic head and first citizen of the town. Our current Mayor is Cllr Ellie Chard.

Town Councillors are volunteers and do not receive any payment for their work. They are bound by a Code of Conduct which requires them to act selflessly, objectively, within the law and to give assurance for the proper use of public funds and assets.

Councillors meet twice a month to discuss business at its main committees. In addition, some Councillors sit on a number of smaller sub-committees which meet on an ad-hoc basis to carry out more specific, and often in-depth, areas of work.